Monday, September 26, 2011

I, Bunyip

I went to the most amazing childrens show this morning. I, Bunyip at Carraigeworks by Erth Visual and Physical Inc as part of the Sydney Childrens Festival. It was everything children''s theatre should be - stunning, educational, engaging and exciting, filled with life-like puppets showing magical creatures from the bush. I lost myself in these creatures and stories and had to hold myself back from being one of the kids and volunteering to meet Turong! These kids were jumping out of their seats to get closer to the stage and it was incredibly gorgeous to listen in on their conversations, see them shoosh each other and and repeat after the narrator as she taught them traditional language.
If I had a kid, it's the kind of theatre I'd want them to see. If I knew anyone with kids, I'd talk about I, Bunyip all the time and insist I chaperon them and their kid to this performance. Maybe I need to start hanging out at playgroups and make friends with some mums. On a less creepy note, I love it when theatre makes you feel magical. Cactus. x