Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hello, Spring.

I've missed you.

Note: You may be thinking - type writer? Relevance? I just won one off ebay see, (it's even light blue like in that pic!) and I'm imagining myself typing out garden party invites and delivering them on my trike which I am also in search of after riding one at my Nan's house on the weekend. That thing rocked the casbah, it even had a basket on the back for groceries or fresh flowers. Definitely my next Spring purchase. I'm also very excited that I can crack open my new Spring perfume - Clinique In Bloom to capture all the fun memories I'm going to create this season.

Floral love,

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

love MY way

Is it just me or is everyone else in love with Ben Mendelsohn, just a little bit?
Everything he touches turns to gold. I think it has something to do with his voice.
And his looks. Why do men get better looking with age and women just get wrinkly?
Watch Beautiful Kate if ya'll haven't seen it. Amazing. 'Beauty is youth and youth is beauty.'

love(s BM),

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Selby

No matter what's going out there in politico-land, one thing we can all agree on is that buying a beautiful book is money well spent.

On my tax return rampage, in amongst the other justifiable beauties 'The Selby is in Your Place' won my heart. I'm not necessarily an interiors girl but I do love being in other people's homes. Looking at their things and feeling that slight envy (as stated in the book's intro) that they might have a better flat, a cooler job or a hotter partner. If you're even feigning rolled eyes, you can stop right there. Because I know you've had those thoughts on one or more occasion too.

No? You're innocent? Better than the rest of us? Check these pics and tell me you don't want their lives.

Get your green eye on at The Selby


Thursday, August 19, 2010


Hey - there's no need for that kind of language. I know, long time no see. Forgive my rudeness. I'm not ignoring you. Although I have been flirting with a new interest of late. She's a tenor and the perfect size for my little fingers. Yes friends I've started playing the Ukulele. At first it started out as a little fling on a cheap instrument but I soon knew that this was going to be quite the love affair. I've been such a consumerist lately with tax coming in and the boy paying me back a bit of cash and have been splurging all over the place: gym boots, books, clinique ... but I know that splurging on a tenor timber uke is no mistake.

I'm building a repertoire. Slowly. Sitting in my lounge room strumming my way through She & Him, Black Kids, Lykke Li and Kate Nash. I'm not quite ready for a public performance yet (yes, I know you're all sighing) but the uke's making a comeback, and I'm sure, in no time I'll be busking at a corner near you! Not really. I hate busking. And karaoke. But that's another post.

love u(ke),

p.s Check Jim Bradbury's amazing collection above. Droool.
p.p.s if you're keen head to Uke Hunt and check out how mad people are for ukes. Love it. Get on board!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I should've made him a zine

I shouldn't have discounted my initial feelings of losing sleep over what to say. Maybe then I wouldn't have ended up tongue-tied and lost for words.

I decided, on the day, that if I couldn't think of anything cool to say, then the best thing to say would be nothing at all. I thought that was a good plan. I thought BEE would would be moody, brooding and wear sunglasses throughout his Q&A. How wrong I was. And his wit, up-beatness, love for Delta Goodrem and the theme from Tarzan made me love him even more. With great insight into the time he shared an elevator ride with Tom Cruise, to how Elvis Costello hated on him in Rolling Stone causing a moment 'when you're cut down by your idol, in public, at 22, there's a moment there.' to how YA is really hot right now and his publishers are pushing him to write Patrick Bateman 'The Teen Years' it made for the most entertaining, intriguing few hours of my year to date.

The Art Factory was packed. I had a clear plan. Hang towards the back, near the door, when the host was thanking BEE and wrapping up, run for the book table line. And it worked. For once, I had a clear tunnel where I could see straight through the crowd (as opposed to staring at shoulders), it was perfectly silent and questions from the fishbowl made things run along smoothly i.e. 'Are you a top or a bottom?' to which he laughed off and said 'I'm versitle.'

He said he came to Australia because all his hot, drunk L.A friends always say 'You gotta go to Australia man, everyone's really good-looking and they like to drink a lot.' So far he thinks they're right.

So finally the mc was wrapping up and I bolted dragging my girlfriend with me to near enough to the front of the line. We got post-it notes with our name on them. It was two books per person. She got our other friend's name on her post-it cos Bridget's in Mexico. I was freaking out in the line, school girl style, fixing my hair, asking if my hair looked alright (no really is it ok? Or are you just saying that?) I was fiddling with the camera,putting the case away, pulling the case out again until finally we got to the front of the line and there it was, my moment had finally arrived. And I appeared to be WASTING it being silent and coy. So i launched into some heavy word vomit that went something kinda like this:

'It's real good of you doing this, thanks heaps for coming out. Sorry about the covers, the movie ones ended up being cheaper than the originals.'

Meanwhile he was talking about how great everything was and how he was so nervous and felt like he was in a comedy club as opposed to a book launch. He then grabbed Danni's books and smiled when he said 'Bridget?'

'I'm not Bridget.'

That's all she said. She may as well have said:

'I'm not really here for you, just came with a friend. No, none for me thanks.'

I jumped up on the stage and barked:

'Bridget's in Mexico and couldn't be here, but she loves ya heaps!'

And I threw my arm around him and smiled awkwardly, half in shock half embarrassed that I'd invaded his personal space while Danni freaked out and didn't remember how to use my camera.

I should have made him a zine. He was totally cool and would have totally taken in, even if to only scan it briefly and throw it away, he would have looked at it. We could have been friends. I've found out today, via twitter, that he's a John Mayer fan. Had I done my research, we could've bonded over a common crush.

Instead I held his hand and thanked him and wished him the best time here in Sydney...LAME!
Not even 'love ya work' nothing.

Sigh. It was pretty amazing though. I got three of my favourite books signed, and I'm pretty sure he signed them 'To Kate, Best Girl Bret Easton Ellis' my friends are convinced it says 'Best Wishes' but I think I know what Bret Easton Ellis signed in my own books.

a totally star-struck, tongue-tied

P.S how frightened slash nervous slash ecstatic do I look in that pic?
P.P.S People are afraid to merge on freeways in Los Angeles
P.P.P.S They made a movie about us

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why do you love books?

Last night I went to a Sydney Design talk about why we love books.

Apart from the incredible wine and deep-fried cauliflower, home-made ricotta and chicken-liver Pâté from Berta, the talk was pretty cool too.

Although I felt odd taking notes in a dimly lit restaurant and was feeling slightly loved up about books from said incredible wine one thing I can definitely remember agreeing with most (other than designers aren't always the greatest public speakers) is that books will never die - people who love books will always love books, and there's a lot of us out there. The room was packed and the mc said they could have sold the event out twice over.

Something I loved is the idea of a book having magic and the ability to slow down time. In our world of micro-boredom and having everything at our fingertips whenever we want it, the act of opening a book and reading is a slow process that can be savoured.

Who doesn't love the smell of ink on paper, the feel of a weighty paper, a matt finish or glossy pics? Something you can keep, hold onto, flag, make notes on and in turn leave our little imprint on the world.

Johanna Featherstone of The Red Room was by far the most insightful with her take unfettered imagination being when you read a poem and every thing goes quiet, and you're only left with your own thoughts. She was also the quickest on her feet when an audience member asked the panel to recite their favourite line from their favourite book: 'I entered the red room' Jane Eyre'

The night made me want to run out and hide in a book store, to hunt out new embellishments and read, read, read.

I'm between books at the moment.
Any suggestions?

book-worm cactus