Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nothing like a faux pas flash to wake you up

I kind of like those mornings where you're still half asleep as you get on the bus, basking in the remaining afterglow of a good weekend and feeling pretty darn fine about the real cute outfit you threw together in ten minutes. So I'm walking to work with Mystery Jets in my ears (relating way to much to 'Young Love') and start to notice that it's not just me that thinks my style is fine this morning. A small boost of confidence kicks in, which in turn puts a spring in my step. Until I look down. My fab little button up floral dress, is not nearly as buttoned as it should be and the girls are hanging out for the world to see. That's nice isn't it? Good morning Sydney and Happy Monday to ya! At least I had my little friend here to greet me on my way into the office.
How's your day so far?


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