Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pleased to meet you

Dear friends, strangers, ex-crushes and talented cross-stitchers,

So. I've always been into scrap-booking. Not the kind that was really popular a few years back, but the kind that is like collecting a pocketful of memories that makes you smile each time you flick through the pages leafed with memories and daydreams. The problem is I never seem to finish a book. Ever. So instead of having dozens of half used gluesticks and pictures that haven't found the right book sitting in my draws I thought it would be better to start a blog so I can keep everything in a place that I won't be able to lose or not finish.
I've just come back to a hot Sydney Summer after a few weeks in mid-autumn Mexico and with this heat wave, there's nothing I'm craving more right now than a chelada: lemon juice and beer with salt, lime and chilli.


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