Thursday, January 14, 2010

I wanna be a yeah yeah yeah...

I recently saw these kids at the Horden (actually, I'm sure if you can class watching the back of people's heads for an hour as 'seeing a band' but I was present) nonetheless they knocked my socks off. Karen O is such a rock star giving a (from what I could gather from the taller folks' response) stella performance mixed with several fabulous costume changes (none of which I saw. Sad face.)

I did however see her trademark hand holding mic, arm raised in the air during the encore, which alone sent shivers down my spine. We ate up her yummy acoustic version of Maps and screamed as she swirled her microphone around and around and slammed it to the floor in time to the final drum beats of Date with a Night. For all the other short people out there I found this incredible Sydney photographer, Daniel Boud, who posted some killer pics of hers truly. The two I've posted came inas my equal faves. Some people are just so talented. Check out the rest of his stuff here:

I really do wanna be a Yeah Yeah Yeah. I could wear glitter 24/7, roll around on stage and get a bowl you think Karen O would adopt me?


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