Wednesday, June 16, 2010

... a female version of a hustler...of a hustler

rocker girl lives here

I'm helping a friend out at the moment. Just doing backing vocals for his concept band. Kind of Sonic Youth-ish. Tonight was our first run-through and my inner diva showed her made-up face. Last week he asked me to pick out my favourite lines from the seven songs to sing along to. So I picked all of them. Oops. I also sang louder than I should have. The idea is to have to vocals at the same level as the music, sort of like a drone where the audience thinks 'is that the music or someone singing?'. So naturally I sang over the top of everyone and created complex harmonies and sang lots of different notes in one line.

Next week I'm showing up early so I can have my lines pointed out and shown how to sing the chorus' only of each song.

What can I say? Don't leave a lead singer to her own devices, she'll always want to steal the limelight one way or another.

I think Beyonce says it better than anyone.

Beyonce - Diva from DeShawn Kennedy on Vimeo.

diva love,

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