Monday, June 14, 2010

Marrickville Markets

So, as I'm sure all Sydney-siders noticed, the back end of May was rained out. This was bad news for 'Market Month May'. So I think we'll have to extend my market expeditions until I've covered all the markets that are able to be covered? Thoughts? Yes, I think it's a good idea too.

In the spirit of sunshine and family time I headed to Marrickville Markets on Sunday and took the mother along for good measure. This market really is a family and community market. With low key local musos playing their thing (whether that be jazz standard or covers of Led Zepplin on the flute), fruit and veg, vintage stalls and a jumping castle up the back there really is something for ever punter here. Also, just a note, this market is extremely dog friendly. Everyone either has a dog or a child or both at this little hub of eco goodness.

It's quite a small market, but can fill a morning quite nicely, especially if you stop in at M.A.D (standing for Make a Difference - a store that stocks local designers stock only) and reverse garbage too where you'll find everything - even the kitchen sink. The food is great, organic coffee, dumpling stands, vege BBQ and the most amazing creation I've ever seen.

The Potato Tornado! This delicious swirl of potato, deep-fried (naughty) and salted to one's own desire. My potato tornado guy had world cup fever and was telling me how much he loves the phrase 'every four years, the world comes together to stand apart'. Cute, soccer's not my thing but I got the sentiment.

This lady had worlds of treasure, she even had bull and cow skulls! She was so excited that her stall was going to be famous. Cute.

You'll be pleased to hear that I stuck way under my $20 budget and only purchased a pair of Leona Edmiston maroon tights (still in the box) for only $7! Bar-gain.

Mother and I stopped for coffee afterwards at the gorgeous 2204 cafe. Vintage lounge chairs, dim lighting, framed chalk boards and bird cages filled with melted candles. The perfect end to a pretty perfect morning.

You don't need much cash for these markets, a little loose change for some nommies, fresh flowers and a second-hand find. You could do the whole morning with a 20 I reckon. Definitely 8 out 10 cactuses (minus two for crying kids and pram traffic- sorry I'm not there yet, so I don't get it)

market love,


  1. Pretty sure this is my favourite market review to date. I will put them on my 'to check out' list. Oh, and your new background is pretty :)

  2. Oh really? Fanks!
    It's a good'n.

    Thank you! It's not really unique, but it's the best a non-designer can do :)

  3. I'd love to be sitting in 2204 cafe sipping an espresso; it looks heavenly. And well done on finding the tights.