Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Coffee and a Yarn

On the weekend I went out for a yarn and a coffee at, funnily enough, A Coffee and a Yarn; a new concept cafe in Newtown. The concept being add some coffee and public space to your crafternoon and get those knitting needles on show. The cafe is open and spacey with little hubs of working bee kids and ladies. Unfortunately I don't knit, but that didn't mean the novelty mushroom needles, walls of wool and patterns went to waste on me.

If there's more than two of you, you may need to swoops for a table, as once people start knitting, they tend to get stuck into it for quite a while and tables are limited. Or you can do as I did and invade a couples personal space by joining their little love nest. (What? They weren't even knitting.)

My crafty kittens made me feel inadequate as they chatted, ate, sipped tea and knitted all at once. Meanwhile I looked around and gulped coffee and marveled at knitted squares and the beginnings of lace-wool scarves.

A lovely, wholesome way to spend an afternoon, and you're also pretty much guaranteed an afternoon with just the girls.

Head to 413 King street Newtown and find out if you're a crafty little minx.


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