Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oh Bobby.

I should have gone with my instincts. Just stuck to something I know could have worked. A cute, frilled bobby sock with some patent leather mary-janes. Instead I attempted a hipster look: knee-highs with some flat lace ups. I should have known that this was never going to work because I don't look like this:

or this ...

and I especially don't look like this:

Perhaps I would have been able to wear this look in my teens, well before I hit puberty that is. I thought I was destined to be a waif but boy did the summer of my seventeenth year really stuff that plan up. I went away stickly and flat chested, only to arrive back ready for the H.S.C with wide-load style hips and c-cups.

I have to remind myself that just because I like the way something looks, i.e. knee-highs with flat shoes and baggy shirts with mini-skirts, it does not mean that I can wear this look and do it justice. Usually I'm good with dressing for my body-type, but every now and then a whimsical style comes my way and I fold, and fail and spend the day catching glimpses of myself in full length windows and jumping with fright at the woman-child who walks past desperately wanting to look effortlessly chic, but is instead pulling her socks up only to have them roll down her calves seconds later.

Rookie mistake, I know.


Kids who can wear knee-highs live here.


  1. Oh Cactus, Fear not - we've all (unfortunately) been there. I have a pair of glittery gold knee highs relegated to the back of my sock drawer because of these very reasons. They'd look fab on the rake thin, I'm sure - but I'm not a size 6 and the elastic doesn't clasp my calves as is desirable.
    Hooray for Mary Janes.

  2. And some fashions only look good on sticks.
    I tend to wear what I like around the house. And avoid looking in the mirror.