Thursday, July 29, 2010


I'm actually a little mad that Zooey Deschanel can sing and write. I mean, didn't she use up all her coupons when she was blessed with a petite figure, big blue eyes and a perfectly straight, blunt fringe? Surely she's thieved something that wasn't meant for her...

Sporting outfits that would make anyone else look frumpy and dated, even her voice is old-worldly with a Grammaphone edge.
But please say you agree with me when I say the hula hoop is overkill. What? Me? Jealous? You tell me someone stunning can sing, song-write and now she can hula hoop too? How do girls like me even stand a chance out there?

I surrender,


  1. Yep, that girl robbed someone blind. But how cute is her dancing and singing and hula hooping? You'd have to forgive her because she put the stolen things to such good use.

  2. btw, Cactus, I have an award for you on my blog under the "50 post later" bit. Not sure how transportable these things are...?

  3. And M.Ward is pretty cool too.

  4. Lisa - an award, you are super sweet :) Will have to trot over and check it out. Excitement plus.

    Nin - Yes, agreed, M. Ward is pretty darn cool...but for some reason I don't have the same pangs of jealousy when I look at him, Wonder why...