Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hello, Spring.

I've missed you.

Note: You may be thinking - type writer? Relevance? I just won one off ebay see, (it's even light blue like in that pic!) and I'm imagining myself typing out garden party invites and delivering them on my trike which I am also in search of after riding one at my Nan's house on the weekend. That thing rocked the casbah, it even had a basket on the back for groceries or fresh flowers. Definitely my next Spring purchase. I'm also very excited that I can crack open my new Spring perfume - Clinique In Bloom to capture all the fun memories I'm going to create this season.

Floral love,


  1. Spring beautiful Spring! Oh, how I love you. And I love that typewriter too. Thanks for posting such a happy reminder of the glorious days ahead. Yay!

  2. Happy Spring time to you! Though I must say the weather in Sydney is not very Spring-like at all. Hope Melbourne filled with warm breezes. xx