Thursday, August 19, 2010


Hey - there's no need for that kind of language. I know, long time no see. Forgive my rudeness. I'm not ignoring you. Although I have been flirting with a new interest of late. She's a tenor and the perfect size for my little fingers. Yes friends I've started playing the Ukulele. At first it started out as a little fling on a cheap instrument but I soon knew that this was going to be quite the love affair. I've been such a consumerist lately with tax coming in and the boy paying me back a bit of cash and have been splurging all over the place: gym boots, books, clinique ... but I know that splurging on a tenor timber uke is no mistake.

I'm building a repertoire. Slowly. Sitting in my lounge room strumming my way through She & Him, Black Kids, Lykke Li and Kate Nash. I'm not quite ready for a public performance yet (yes, I know you're all sighing) but the uke's making a comeback, and I'm sure, in no time I'll be busking at a corner near you! Not really. I hate busking. And karaoke. But that's another post.

love u(ke),

p.s Check Jim Bradbury's amazing collection above. Droool.
p.p.s if you're keen head to Uke Hunt and check out how mad people are for ukes. Love it. Get on board!

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  1. I'm impressed and jealous all at the same time. As someone who lacks musical ability in all its forms, I think it's wonderful you would buy such a charming instrument on a whim.
    You're one step away from uploading song covers onto Youtube. I can't wait.