Monday, September 13, 2010

They're the best

A while ago I posted a song called 'When I'm with you' and said I think Best Coast are my new best band. How true those words were and I didn't even realise the full weight of them at the time!

Crazy for You is Best Coast's first album. Lead singer Bethany Cosetino is twenty-two (yes, I said that with a little bitterness) and has written a half an hour album of sweet as tunes themed around 'that guy', her home town, weed and her cat. Though the word crazy is sang about five hundred times she's totally forgiven because she really does write the perfect alternative pop song.

Zan Rowe, the lucky devil, got to interview her. For the full thing click here.

For an insight into Bethany's picture mind visit her blog.

Apparently they're heading here in March which is so long to wait. I was kinda hoping they'd make an appearance at Pyramid Rock Festival and I could be listening to them into the new year. Can't blame a girl for wanting to live out a summer dream.


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  1. "Sun was High, So was I" one of the best names for a song I've ever heard :)