Tuesday, September 7, 2010

His name is Mister Tee

Last night I attended the crafty kittens craft club. A club which I actually made with my friend but then dropped out after a disaster flower broach attempt. And whilst I didn't exactly make anything last night, I enjoyed watching the kittens make crobots (crotched robots!) and especially enjoyed the lamb roast, boy talk and the unveiling of Mister Tee, the very first finished DogBot! He was made by the excellent Janine who's craft procrastinations you can see here.

So after I sat around, pretended to type letters (how nice is my typewriter P.S.?), hummed some uke tunes and joined in the giggles we had a photoshoot for Mister Tee. Doesn't he look hot?

Love it. I'll have something to show that I made next club meet. Maybe.

crafty-cats are go,

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