Tuesday, February 16, 2010


On fbi's to-DIY-for segment yesterday they were talking about luck and how to bring a little bit of it to yourself each day.
I have something to add on the how-to list.

As we all know it's Chinese New Year time, chinatown is full of lanterns and dragons and actors dressed as emperors.
Last night I was on the way to meet a dear friend for dinner. I was just wandering, not really paying attention to where I was going until something drew my eyes down. A beautiful little red piece of paper with a hella cute chinese girl on it. I almost kept walking. I have a tendency to pick things up off the ground, which my boyfriend thinks is a dirty habit and I could hear his voice in the back of my mind 'that's gross darlin', just leave it.' And the last time I picked something off the ground it was a mini tarot card. I thought it was a premonition or a sign, so I went straight to my nan who's kinda psychic and asked her what the card meant: 'That card is not for you! That's the lonely wanderer, with a broken heart, you shouldn't have picked that up!'
But this paper was so cute, how could it be dirty, or harmful? Whatever, I thought, this will look so sweet in my scrapbook.
So I picked up this little piece of paper, only to turn it over and find that it was a little sealed envelope.
A chinese whisper perhaps?
I carefully peeled the sticky paper back and peeked inside and look! Ten dollars! All for me!
I immediately called my nan to tell her my story. She was so excited and told me that this envelope was meant for me, nobody else and not to let that ten dollars dwindle away, to buy something that I could keep forever with it.
I figure this month's Frankie is as good as any eternal possession. So that's what I'm going to spend my good luck money on.Yup. Issue 34. Yaysies.
I think I'll keep thinking that someone is putting these little red lucky envelopes all over the city rather than some cute little girl has lost her week's banking money.

Finders keepers rule applies here though, right?
Happy Chinese New Year and Frankie day!


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