Sunday, February 7, 2010

Little Miss Scatterbrain

I used to love the Little Miss and Mr Men series when I was a kid. Especially Little Miss Scatterbrain. She was always forgetting things, wrapping up something non-food and leaving it in the oven, from what I can remember she was downright crazy and hysterical!

What's not so hysterical is that this childhood love is now beginning to become more a part of my life than what I would like it to be. I'm that person that runs around in a flap crying 'I've lost my glasses' to which dear friends of mine usually pull them off my head where they've been sitting for the entire time I have been running around like a mad woman. The other day I thought I'd lost my phone, I had people searching for it (it is a very important item on a Friday afternoon) and it was of course, at my desk, hiding under a few sheets of paper which I'd sworn I'd looked under. I now need to avoid the receptionist downstairs who started asking around for me, I'd rather her think I have no phone than 'that girl who's losing her mind.'

It's moments like these, that yes, I need twisties, and also have the ask the questions: is this only going to get worse with age? Do I really have oncoming dementia at 24?

I never used to understand why people tied string around their finger to help them remember something. These days, a ball of string is in my necessary handbag items. I've had times where I've gotten to work, only to turn around again and do the round trip home thinking I'd forgotten to turn off the straightener (which is always switched off when I get there) I've ruined entire days thinking I've left the bathroom window open, had to excuse myself from friendly coffees when I remember I made eggs for brekkie and can't recall turning the stove knobs back to zero. I find speaking to myself helps. 'Iron off.', 'window shut.' but doesn't help me feel less crazy.

A friend of mine used to work for docs and when I expressed my fear of my deteriorating brain when it came to remembering whether I'd shut the windows and locked the doors, he told me this story about this lady who could never get past her front lawn because she was always worried something electrical was left on and she was going to burn her house down. Then this great idea came to her. She put all of her appliances in plastic tubs and leave them on her front porch so when she turned back to look at her house, she could see all of her appliances and know that nothing was going to be left on. She really thought this idea would take off and she could even start a business from it and make her millions.

Is this where I'm headed?

love from a fearful, possibly scatterbrain-Little Miss Cactus


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