Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bring it back now...

Doesn't this song make you want to run away and be sixteen again? When life was easier and your biggest problem was that your mum wasn't gonna let you wear white hot pants to the school disco next week. When you and your bff sat near the beach and
dipped hot chips in chocolate thick shakes (yes, I did that ) and watched that guy you kinda liked do below average kick flips at the skate park. When sitting on the floor of a train wasn't so gross, and you didn't mind sharing chupa chups. When your make-up routine consisted of glitter and lipgloss. When a cruise in your mate's gemini and a sneaky cigarette consisted of a good night out.

Any takers?




  1. sold.
    i love the ol' tucking the shirt into the jeans move in the middle of this clip.

  2. 16?! Please! This is us. Now! Today!

    I haven't let go of my youth, have I...

  3. that's what I love most about you Joaly.