Monday, April 12, 2010

Creating in the workplace

I read an article a little while back now about being creative in the office and how we should all do something a little creative at work each day to keep us inspired and content to be at our desks.

Well, Little Miss Ponder is living proof that creating at work is proactive. Each morning she starts her day by doing a little self-portrait. They really are sweet. Once she's done she emails them around to friends (like moi) and they never cease to put a smile on my face (and give me a sneak peak at her outfit choice for the day). Here's a little preview of the type of thing I open in my emails each morning:

Super sweet. I opened up the other morning to a lovely little pic staring back at me, and I thought boy she looks familiar (and fabulous) ... can you guess who it is?

I wonder how my buddies at work would react if I channeled a little creativity each morning and busted out a jazz standard before tea time ... something tells me they would be calling me things other than 'creative'

Summertime ... and the living is, easy.



  1. mmm we reward activity like that in my office Kaite!

    maybe you need to come work in a theatre :)


  2. cactus, thank you so much for your entry into the undiscovered blogs award :)

    it's such a lovely thought that you've been reading for a while, and thank you for your inspirations. my room is painted green and so i can totally understand that one ;) <3

    good luck!!!