Sunday, April 25, 2010

A night at the theatre

Last night I trekked it out to C'town arts centre and saw some of the most confronting, innovative and incredible theatre I have seen in a long time.

Make the time to see Hole in the Wall. I haven't felt like that in a long time. That light, enlightened feeling. As if someone has just peered inside your brain and spoken to words that you didn't know how to say. I guess when you address common issues like love and home that you're bound to connect with people. But the way in which this story is told is so fresh. Yes, take the dialogue out of the environment it could be any old kitchen sink drama in parts, but the fact that you're in confined rooms that move about and reconfigure in accordance to the scene is just amazing. At times you're in complete darkness, others you're sharing an intimate moment with an actor speaking in your face about times gone by and how they love their friendship with you.

Over within the hour this whirlwind production is really like peering through a hole in the wall and straight into a couple trying to find their own home in the world, combatting issues of inadequacy, love, settling for love and ultimately being able to find home within yourself.

While I was waiting for Hole in the Wall to start, I got to experience Etiquette. How to explain Etiquette? I felt like I'd gone to a full scale production without going to the theatre. And I was entirely integral to the production. The table I sat at was full of mini props, chalk, a black board to lean on, a lamp and glasses of water. I put a set of headphones and my partner put on another set. Each set of headphones played different stories and instructions and dialogue that we had to repeat or action. Etiquette constantly surprised me. It was such an exciting little universe to be a part of. It hails from the British council and Edinburgh festival in 2007. Take a look at the video below, because I'm about 100% sure, I'm not doing it justice.

All in all a pretty inspiring Sunday. I wish I could get my mind to transport to these places artists go and pluck out something no one has ever thought of. Loved it.

How was your Sunday?


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