Sunday, April 4, 2010


is fun at the best of times. But even funner with girlfriends out of town. I spent the Easter long weekend in our nation's capital. It was one of those really great girlie weekends that you spend talking (sometimes shouting in much excitement), shopping, eating, wino-ing and laughing. It was so lovely to be out of the horrid Sydney humidity, to rug up a little and have some crisp, fresh air hit you in the face.

My two favourite shops were called Felt and itrip iskip. They were really cute little boutiques selling sweet dresses, zines and feathered accessories. I picked up a real cute black dress with pleated shoulders. Too sweet.

There was some gorgeous graffiti just outside itrip iskip. I think this girl's name would by Emily.

My friend lives right near the lake that is inhabited by hundreds of swans. When they honk it sounds like loads of clarinets tuning up.

And of course, no girlie weekend would be complete without the over-indulgence of cake!

Sadly it's back to reality tomorrow and the rush of Sydney will be upon me in the morning, Oh sigh. I wish my life was more vacation-like. It really would be much more fun.

How was your long weekend?



  1. And did you go to the NGV?

    I went to patonga and showered outdoors all weekend under a franjipani tree and also ate approximately one wheel of cheese and one bottle of wine a day, so I think it is a good thing I am back to showering indoors!!


  2. Well ... we had the best intentions, but the line went out onto the street! I felt a bit guilty, but also didn't want to spend the majority of a day waiting in line so we traipsed Kingston boutiques instead! Oops.

    That weekend sounds fabulous, I had about the same amount of wine and cheese too I think. Showering under a frangipani tree sounds divine - amazon retreat anyone?

  3. P.S post some pics ... stat!