Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Feel the creepy mormon love

Is anyone else secretly obsessed with Big Love?

I don't know what it is about their world. I'm split down the middle, one side being totally weirded-out yet the other strangely fascinated. I think it's the idea of the sister-wives that draws me in. Not the creepy compound ones, but the modern day women leading (fairly) normal lives but being this incredible support for one another. Maybe this is stemming from a childhood idealistic dream to live in a flat with your girlfriends with two cats. Cos in reality we all know that living with friends just doesn't work, yet if they were family you'd have that free pass to say whatever you like and act in any matter of ways and know that in half an hour it would truly be forgotten and they'd be asking you something menial like 'what's for dinner' or 'can I borrow that beige cardigan?' There's an odd unspoken rule where grudges are held no longer than 24 hours. My love for Big Love might also be because I have a girl-crush on Chloe Sevigny. Who doesn't? Even with those dorky fishtail plaits, she's hot-to-trot.

Raise your hands if you're tuning in for the big finale next week?

cactus (is)

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