Thursday, March 11, 2010

Glovebox Girls

In the city where it snows salt
Kalita reads last rites 
from broken clock tower windows.
Her tongue a wet rosary
in the temple of time.

'Beware of the muses.
Muses beware.

Every artist has one.
Call her Heartache, Madness
Memory or Mina.
Regardless of the art there's always a girl.'

Burn my letters when I leave
before the mouth you kissed confesses.
Created or creator?
Remember the one who made you.

Burn my letters when I leave
before Memory lets you see nothing else,
mornings taste of Madness 
and the smell of my shadow won't stop following.

Beware of the Muses.
Muses beware.'

Tamryn Bennett

A poetess-pal of mine is working on a comic book poetry project, a revolutionary genre. Currently she's collaborating with three visual artists, one of them being the extremely talented painter Skye O'Shea. Skye's paintings are going to be on display at Konkuniya Art Gallery from the 18th til the 30th of Mach. So if you want to see some truly gorgeous painted ladies (as well as take a sneak peak at some of the glovebox girls to be featured in Tamryn's comic book) get yourself to that exhibition. It's gonna be a goodun'. I can feel it.

God it's hard having such talented friends. Makes me feel quite inadequate a lot of the time.


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  1. Cactus, this poem is stunning. She is obviously naturally very talented in this area. Do you think she, or you (because I know you know all about poetry and prose!) would judge our Bad Poetry comp?
    Pretty please. :-)