Thursday, March 25, 2010


I'm going to a specs party on the weekend. But Michi only delivered these babies to my inbox a few days ago.

Not enough notice Michi! (please tell me you know who she is? If not immediately, after reading this post of course, take yourself to and sign yo ass up)

I needed more time to order them. Boo. Will have to stick with my oh so indie-cool-kid Roy Orbison black frames.

I think this party is going to be quite the spec-tacle. Okay. I'm done now. Promise.

What are you doing on the weekend?



  1. ooh good idea for a party! i love wearing glasses. alas, i don't reaaaly need them. My partner does and I hate it when he takes them off, he wants to get laser eye surgery which i am opposing strongly in favour of sexy glasses wearing!!
    hey, I'd love to send you the print you chose in my giveaway. Please send me your details to Thanks! have a great weekend xx

  2. Yeah it should be a blast!
    I need glasses, but only because I faked eye-tests as a kid cos I thought glasses were cool and now I can't do without them.
    Oh wow, really? That's so exciting!
    emailing now :)
    thanks so much, you've made my day.
    Hope your weekend is spec-tacular ;)