Saturday, May 1, 2010

Brown paper packages tied up with string ...

filled with a few of my new favourite things!

I recently received a gorgeous package from fellow blogger Sara who hails from In the Light of the Sun, which if you haven't you should go check out immediately, if not sooner.

I entered a little blog-comp she had going and won a stunning framed print of sweet cherry blossom-esque flowers. I was excited when a brown jiffy bag was at my doorstep but I was not prepared for the amount of sweetness inside!

I gently pulled my min handmade bunting away to reveal the lovely print, plus a little letter in a photographic envelope and ...

organic fairtrade tea bags with paper cranes instead of labels from clipper teas!

Oh I feel so special. Thank you Sara, you've made my day! Now if only I could decide on where to hang my print. And if I actually want to use these tea bags or just look at them. The big questions, coming to you live from Sunday morning.

Lovely to meet you via blogsphere too Sara, here's to blogship!

love and more,

1 comment:

  1. oh bless you Kaite - i'm so glad you liked it and I am so happy to have met you in this wonderful blogosphere! i say drink the tea and enjoy it - just let those tea bags simmer because attaching those paper cranes took waaaay longer that i thought it would! (i had planned on giving people entire boxes of paper craned tea but when i realised how long that would take...well, i don't have that much spare time on my hands!)
    anyway - thanks again. xx