Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh! Heck!

Oh Lisa. Why? I really love you. And yet, last night you looked like you wanted to be anywhere else but on stage.

Don't get me wrong, I think Lisa Mitchell is an amazingly talented artist, but last night she was definitely upstaged by her support band Boy and Bear: a tight, quietly confident group of boys with divine harmonies and a pin-droppingly silent performance. I first heard of Boy and Bear when I saw Laura Marling at the Speigal Tent for Sydney Festival - she was singing their praises as the bass player from the band was filling in for her regular bass player. Ever since then my ears prick up a little whenever I hear this name. I'm so glad that I got to the Enmore a little early to get myself a spot for Lisa Mitchell (a task within itself - note to self: never attend and all ages gig again, I felt like shouting at them 'respect your elders!') becasue I must admit, I don't always give the support band the time of day they usually deserve. The Boy and Bear boys were dreamy and polished and quite simply just stunning to watch.

I'm sad to say I can't say the same for Miss Mitchell. While her awkwardness is sweet and endearing, I feel like it has a use-by date. I mean, she's a little older now, has toured furiously over the last twelve months and won many awards so really, her confidence and stage presence should be of a higher quality than what it is. Her opening line to her adoring fans was: 'Wow, you guys scream really loudly. I mean you don't have to scream.' The girl was shosshing her own fans! Was she for real? Many an awkward moments followed with her excusing her rudeness as nerves. Honey, if you're gonna be rude, at least own it.

She finally seemed to relax towards the end of the set when she pulled out 'Heroine' statically dancing about the stage, getting into the break down section, but this was only short lived unfortunately.

I'm sounding a little harsh I know, but I just wasn't really blown away. At all. And that makes me sad. I'd been looking forward to this concert for a fair few months now (I was even the purchaser of tickets number 1 & 2 - super keen) and I just feel like she didn't deliver that 'wow' factor that performers are meant to. I wasn't even swept up in her modesty, I was more along the train of thought: 'let's wrap this up sweety, the tweens behind me are about to go postal if they have one more red bull.'

I still love you Lisa. I guess for a few moments there, I really just wasn't in awe of you. I think all lead singers should be a little egotistical, love the limelight and the thousands of eyes that are upon them, because, clearly the former just doesn't work.

Saucer of milk, table one?



  1. Boy & Bear are pretty special... I've found they have a magical way of outdoing whoever they're playing with.
    I agree with the awkwardness losing it's sparkle...
    Oh, and lol at your blog title. I loved it.

  2. I saw you there, I was going to call out "KATE OH MY GOD KATE HI" then I pondered how many people called Kate might be in the standing area one and I decided not to.
    My mum said she saw you leave early, I was tempted to also... but when your 16 years old $40 is A LOT of money to waste.

  3. Oh you should have :) Did you see the surly look on my face? Yes indeedy, good work on sticking it out, you're a stronger woman than I am.