Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Paddo and the Fringe

Evening all!
I know, I know. I'm ever so late with my latest market review but better late than never right?

My weekend was full of music and markets. Just the way I like it. I trekked east and hit up the Fringe bar markets as well as Paddington markets. And what a lovely day I had indeed.

I started the day with meeting a girlfriend for an indulgent breaky of french toast with bacon and maple syrup on oxford street. This proved to be the best sustenance for our market expedition.

A tip for the Fringe bar - get there early or don't even bother. It was about midday when we arrived, and while this isn't particularly late, it was late enough for Fringe bar.

The bar gets packed, and people are pretty much there to be seen as opposed being there to see things. It's pokey, and loud and a little overpriced for the sort of stuff people are sporting. And for the markets being in a bar, which should be a feature, the bar's pretty closed off and you certainly couldn't have a drink as you thought over an impulse purchase (ah-huh, maybe that's the point).

I did see these stunning purseys though. Will definitely need to save my pennies if I wish to purchase some of this soft emu leather. I'm more than likely just attracted to all of those colours and wouldn't love it as much once I got the purse away from all of its cousins.

After a quick perusal we headed off to Paddington. I think one of the keys for a good day at Paddington markets is good weather. It was a stunner of a day and that crisp breeze mixed with sunshine made me feel good before I'd even entered the markets. This is what I call a looksies market. And I was pretty happy just looking, honest! There's lots of space to cover, a little food area with hillbillies singing away and lots of gorgeous things to soak up. It's the kind of market I'd take birthday money to and walk away with one thing. Which is fine for a change. I actually have to say it was quite pleasant not having to scrounge around for a change and just see all the lovely things displayed beautifully on wooden coat-hangers and one-off pieces pinned to black velvet benches.

I was totally reserved and didn't purchase any vintage bags or shoes.

Or any sweet glassware.

I was completely fascinated, but slightly horrified by the butterflies and spiders under glass. Memories hit me of an odd butterfly collection my father owned. It was full of orange and brown butterflies. I never thought it was beautiful but I always wanted to look at it and try to understand why dad had butterflies framed behind glass. I still don't really get it.

Mainly I just took in the scenery, the people and ate samples of chocolates and drank juice.

I was also pretty chuffed when I saw my name in glass lettering. I think this would be really sweet on the front of my door. If I was five. Or if I didn't share a room with my boyfriend. And our doors weren't made of glass that don't really shut properly...oh. Still, cute nonetheless right?

Now, just because I didn't get a bargain, doesn't mean I don't have something to show. My friend got this gorgeous leather wallet for $30 down from $125. Well done Peg! That's my kind of shopping.

I must tell you though, our exit out of Paddington wasn't really, well, Paddington. After being strongly advised by a friend's mother to search Paddington Vinnies, I dragged my friend on yet another mission. I found a gorgeous green velvet jacket and was modeling it in the mirror when I asked what Peg thought: 'cute!' she said.

Enter extremely tall, scary man with Frankenstein scar on his forehead: 'What, you think I'm cute?'
Me: 'Sorry, she was talking about the jacket.'
Frankenstein: 'So you don't think I'm cute?'
Peg: awkward laughter
Me: (thinking) not so much cute as creepy!
Frankenstein: 'You should have seen me back in the day, you would've thought I was the cutest. You wouldn't have been to keep your hands off me.'
Frankenstein proceeds to stumble along the racks while we laugh awkwardly a little more and make a dash for the back of the store.
Whilst in hiding Peg kept calling out 'cute cute' to anything she touched, while I tried to shoosh her as this word seemed to be a trigger for Frankenstein to find us and tell us how he thought we were quite cute but probably too young for him and more about not being able to keep our hands off him etc.
I ended up dumping the jacket and running with Peg until we hit the non-Paddo end of Oxford street. Not very Paddington at all.

I haven't had one of those encounters for a while. I think the daylight threw me. You expect those kind of conversations at wee hours of the morning when you're traipsing the cross, but early afternoon in Paddington on a Saturday? I just wasn't prepared. I think the sad thing was that he probably was quite cute, once upon a time. But somewhere along the line something's happened or snapped and now he goes around approaching girls half his size. I would have loved to have a good scrounge in Vinnies too, but now I'll always remember that day and be wary.
It would have been sad if he wasn't so creepy.



  1. Hahaha I love the Frankenstein story!
    Are you okay? Still a little shaken I imagine?

    How did you resist those beautiful leather bags Kate?! Kudos to you.

    Pretty sure I won't ever be going to Fringe bar markets after that time we went. No thanks, I'm not hip enough. Or willing to sacrifice my precious market scrummage time being pushed and squished by 5 million skinny stick figures and their pointy, boney bods who are just there to be seen by... someone... anyone...!

  2. Elise! Yes, paddo vinnies is tainted now and i really want to go back and get my hands dirty in there. looks like a good one.

    I don't know but I think the price tag had something to do with it! Ouch. Definitely need to save your pennies for paddo.

    Tell me about it. Come and do Kiribilli with me this weekend where the space is ample and mostly open.