Sunday, May 2, 2010

Surry Hills Markets

For my first weekend of 'Market Month May' I hit up Surry Hills. I must say this isn't a market I frequent often, and when I got there I remembered why.

Now, I love a good rummage just as much as the next girl, but, the stalls at Surry Hills seem to swing between junk and over-priced 'vintage'.
I don't know about you, but I'm not will to part with $300 for a pair of sunnies unless they come with a receipt, a warrenty and the store owner is wearing a suit as opposed to ripped tights. Nor am I going to pay $40 for a pair of secondhand peter alexandria pajamas (gross). There were some nice things around but money was required.

This is not to say that the Surry Hills market doesn't have an appeal. The location is key, with all neighbouring homes making sure they have garage sales happening, there's cafes galore and pubs right next door which is handy after a long morning of digging for treasure. Plus, Surry Hills is the suburb of beautiful hipsters so people watching is always pleasurable.

I'm glad to say that I stuck to my $20 challenge! (well, within the markets anyway) and I scored a hella cute black and white dress with horse shoes and horse heads on it and a caramel leather bag, both for only ten bucks each! How well did I do?

I spent the day with a girlfriend and had a fabulous day, but the market itself was definitely not the highlight.
Basically, if you're gonna head to Surry Hills markets, I would be more inclined to make it a Surry Hills day and do all the cute boutiques on Crown street, have a feed at The Clock hotel, and then browse through the markets.

Overall, I'm gonna be harsh and give Surry Hills markets only 5 of out 10 cactus's, it's prickly out there.

Save your pennies,


  1. you said it and I shall repeat it. one word - HIPSTERS! Apparently the beautiful waifs of surry hills are crazy enough to pay that $300 for a pair of sunnies, or $40 for used designer pj's...glad you managed to snag a bargain though! looking forward to seeing what you find on your market travels. living/spending vicariously through you - sucks being poor!

  2. Is that your loot on the bottom right?
    Good job on sticking to the $20 too! Especially at those markets!
    Looking forward to the next installment!

  3. I think Kate sticking to her $20 challenge was the highlight for me(apart from the wonderful company but that's a given). It was a lovely day but...I also struggle with people trying to flog off old crap as "vintage" AND with antique store prices...oh well...still nice for a look on a sunny day. Good coffee, great eggs and a cute $10 dress to die for...successful day indeed.

  4. When you said the dress had horse heads on it I immediately thought of that scene from the godfather, then I couldn't get that image out of my head and had to go make myself a cup of tea to calm the soul.

  5. Sorry Nina! They weren't mutilated ... I promise.