Monday, May 24, 2010

Mamma love mambo

That's the song that was going round in my head when I attempted my first hula hoop class on the weekend. I'll be honest ... I wasn't great. And what's worse is that I had an image in my head of me just nailing this odd sport down to a tee and Bunny Hoopla asking me to join her and the hoopettes on tour.

Sadly this was not the case. The gorgeous teacher was giving me encouraging nods while I swung my hips for dear life.

'Almost there, I can see you've nearly got it!'

I felt like the unco kid, the one they put in the back row at dance recitals.
I did take pride in the fact that there was someone worse than me there though. This one girl was sincerely terrible and I got stuck behind her. I don't know how but she managed it, but she was actually catapulting the hoop from her waist. I copped a hoop to the face more than once on Saturday.

I don't know if I'll go back...think I need to invest in my own hoop and practice in my backyard so I don't get stuck in the back row again.

love loopy,


  1. Waaaa...You sooo can't give up after one lesson...hula hooping comes so naturally when you're 9 years old. Do you think it's because you're not self concious at that age? Hmm...

  2. They have HULA HOOPING CLASSES? Where? Ohman, I actually breathed faster in excitement at this. Wowser.

  3. Possibly ... no fear, or image of how silly you look sort of deal...

    Dance central! Get yourself there. It's a bellyful of laughs!

  4. I vaguely remember being a whiz at this. Not sure that I could keep the hoop up anymore. I think it requires a lot of energy and motion, like mega amounts!
    x Lisa

  5. I was always the unco kid :(