Tuesday, May 11, 2010

North Sydney Markets

Welcome to the sequel to Market Month May! On the weekend I went to North Sydney markets and had a most delightful morning.
North Sydney markets are located on Miller street at North Sydney Park, just a ten minute walk from the station. I must admit, this is one of my favourite markets. They're a perfect way to spend a sunny autumn morning. They're big enough to wander through for an hour or so, but not too big to feel overwhelmed and give up hunting half-way through.

I love the mix of old and new here, and the old stuff is always in such good nick due to the stall holders being mainly old, wealthy ladies who have looked after their possessions with much love, as per these sweet trinkets below.

I do have a confession to make though: I went over my $20 budget. I'm sorry, it's shameful I know. I was doing well - I got a hot gold and black ruffled bolero for $10, plus a vintage pink and grey Oroton scarf for $15 so wasn't doing too badly until I saw these ...

Who isn't partial to a little Mexican silver? And at only $20, I figured I could double my budget ... just this once. I took a girlfriend with me who is always baffled by my $5 dresses and $10 coats to see how easy it is find treasure for cheap cheap and she did so well - look at all those finds!

BUT she broke one of my No.1 rules when market shopping - Try it on. Always. No matter how hot it is, no matter how lazy you're feeling. If it doesn't fit - it ain't a bargain. And a $5 dress turned into a $25 dress due to the fact that none of her other purchases ended up fitting! I think she's learnt her lesson though.

What I love mist about North Sydney Markets is the openness and community feel. It's never hectic and always filled with just the right number of marketers. There's loads of grass to to hang out on and grab a feed and I think the cutest thing about Saturday was the all girl teen band that played. They weren't any older than fourteen and played slow sweet versions of punk songs - they're biggest fan was one of the dad's: an old rocker sporting a leather cap and standing up the front thrashing his head away to their covers. It was just too cute.

It's funny how parents are stuck in their coolest era and dress the way they did when they were at their peak. I hope to god that I move with the times and am not wearing tights and lace when I hit mumsville. But I do hope I'm up the front, tapping away, with my kid showing me up in terms of 'cool'.

But back to the markets - definitely seven cactus's out of ten: huge dollars not needed to have a lovely day in the park.

Happy hunting!



  1. I heart North Sydney markets too...this is a perfect description of the lovely relaxed vibe and the quality of goodies on offer....a few of which I've had myself including a geniune chinese silk vintage wall hanging for $20....all beautifully washed ,ironed, folded and hanging on a coat hanger

  2. Look at all of those lovely plates!
    I want some!

    North Sydney markets are great, I have never walked away empty handed from there.

    $45 for all of those pretties?! You did so well!

    Can't wait for the next installment!