Thursday, May 27, 2010


Last night I went to the opening of DisBand. LeeLoo, the curators of Disband, say the exhibition was inspired by the 40th anniversary since the break-up of The Beatles, the theme of the exhibition was the end of relationships, be they romantic or otherwise.

Albeit pouring with rain and a trek out to amBUSH Gallery in Green Square - I was so happy to have made the effort. On arrival, I felt like I'd walked into a different world. From the warehouse/gallery space of high ceilings to the white walls and the wrought iron heaters that glowed orange, I was welcomed into a little space of intimacy where nostalgia ruled and broken hearts were left un-mended.

There were also instillations of well-worn lounge room furniture. The detail was key, right down to the little notepad beside the phone that read 'Tell your girlfriend NOT to call here anymore.'

I got quite caught up in the works that held innate sadness coupled with contemporary beauty. Even though it probably wouldn't have been aesthetically pleasing (due to sizes of works etc) I was sort of wishing that the works would have been grouped according to artist, the story-teller in me wanting to read the narratives that the pieces were trying to show me.

Still, that is a small grapple for what was an extremely stunning exhibition. Overall DisBand had a lovely vibe, great wine, a cute bar tender and extremely stunning pieces of art. I think my favourite was an illo of a girl sitting cross legged with arrows through her back; haunting and a bit dark but enchanting all at once.

I highly recommend you take the journey and discover DisBand.

artfully yours,

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  1. I feel like I've already been there. Thanks, once again, for giving a Melbourne girl the grand tour. Wicked photos, great description. I especially loved the note by the phone!
    Happy Friday, kiddo!